Orgasm Chart

This chart plots my orgasms from November 11, 2006 to the present date, with a huge gap messing up the stats. Each one is rated using the Star Trek TNG warp scale. (So I can say, “Engage.”) Complete credit for this fantastic idea goes to Brad of Bradtastic. (Bradtastic is no more. *sad face*)

[Update] None of the chart plugins I found were able to handle the years and years of ratings in a visually helpful way. It’s of limited usefulness since I never tracked anything else, e.g., depression, diet.
I’ve exported the data to a spreadsheet and uploaded it to Google Docs.

Here’s the scale:

ST:TNG’s New Warp Scale

  1. c*1
  2. c*10
  3. c*39
  4. c*102
  5. c*214
  6. c*392
  7. c*656
  8. c*1025
  9. c*1516
  10. infinity; i.e. totally impossible or you’re everywhere (all over the known universe at one and the same timeā€”the ultimate experience)

(where c=the speed of light)