The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, August 12, 1913, Image 12 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress


Springfield, Ill., Aug. 12.—F. D. Thomson, principal of the Springfield high school for the past four years and for fourteen years head of the Galesburg high school, does not believe that the teaching of sex hygiene in the public schools will eliminate cases similar to the Zook case in Kansas City, in which Miss Meta Zook died following a criminal operation. He believes the fault lies with the parents.

“It is a wonder to me that Springfield and other cities in the state have not had cases similar to the Zook case,” he stated. “The young people are allowed to tour the country at all times of the night in their autos and their parents do not know when the children return. I can recall several instances in which parents have taken no hand in what have seemed to me disgraceful proceedings.

“I do not believe that the teaching of sex hygiene in the schools is needed. It would only increase the imagination of the children by advertisement of sex matters. I seldom have seen a talker on sex matters whom I would allow to talk to my children.

“I know a young girl whose every question was answered when she asked it of her mother. She was told just what she wanted to know and no more. She is fourteen now and she knows as much as her mother knew when she was married and she has come to no harm.

“In Galesburg a young girl inclined to be wild was the subject of co-operation between the mother and me. Careful watching carried her safely through the time when she needed watching.”

Thomson insists that parents should be taught to see their duty. The high school should co-operate, but only insofar as it specializes on the features that the parents cannot manage. He believes that occurrences such as that in Kansas City are not the fault of the high school conditions so much as lack of home training, and he advises mothers to look well to their sons and daughters.

In the Kansas City tragedy as many as sixteen high school boys were implicated and an investigation is being pressed vigorously by the prosecuting attorney. Meta Zook’s chum, who has no mother, stated that Meta’s mother had not given the girl as much attention as a mother should.

Jacksonville, Ill.—Sex hygiene is to be made a part of the curriculum of the Jacksonville high school at the opening of the school year. Local physicians will lecture to both sexes, in separate classes, once a week.

The educators are not over sanguine as to the benefit the boys and girls will receive from the courses, although they believe that the purely hygiene benefits will justify the effort. They believe that no amount of information about the intimate relations of girls and boys or of the evil consequences that come from the abuse of these relations can deter the evilly minded from their actions.

Some of the members of the school faculty go so far as to aver that the added knowledge of the sexual relations will only stimulate the tendency to evil.

Dr. Josephine Milligan, daughter of one of the pioneer educators of Illinois; Mrs. A. L. Adams, wife of a physician and vice president of the Illinois Mothers’ Congress and Superintendent W. A. Gore of the city schools are promoting the new course.

The day book. (Chicago, Ill.) 1911-1917, August 12, 1913, Image 12 « Chronicling America « Library of Congress.

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