Obligatory Acknowledgement of My Time Away, or, I’m Back

I was going to just go ahead and start writing again. Mostly because I believe that very few people are still subscribed to the feed, but a good part is because I wasn’t sure what to say.  Since you few who are reading this are probably close friends and people I’ve had actual conversations with across our blogs and other places, that very reason alone tells me that I should at least acknowledge the fact that, as far as this blog is concerned, I’ve been missing in action. I’d seen towards the latter part of last year that the frequency of my posts were lagging, so I tried to revive it by inviting others to write, but they, too, had other things going on in their lives, and that died in the water. Now, I again want to put my thoughts out into the world. I haven’t been absent from on-line social sites, though you couldn’t really call my participation on Twitter and Facebook (the only real social sites I use) engaged.  And I don’t float ideas or thoughts there, either.  I merely comment or toss out one-liners.

Whether or not any of these entries evolve into actual conversations doesn’t quite matter, though that’s something that I’ve always loved about blogs. What matters to me, right now, is that I have an outlet, and that, having an audience, I’m forced to write less like a kid with a crayon on the living room wall and more like an adult with a Sharpie in the restroom stall.
Wait, that’s not right. It wasn’t supposed to rhyme.


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