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Before my host (once again) switched my site to another server, someone posted an interesting comment on one of my Men in Panties posts.  I can’t remember who it was (Was that you, A?), but I remember the gist: What do we ladies think of manly men in panties?

Well, if you didn’t know before, you should know now that one of my favorite TGP sites is Panty Paul’s.  Sure, there are a ton of hot T-girls there.  I love them.  Passionately.  There are also—and these are also beloved by yours truly—close ups on a wide  selection of cocks in panties and a wide variety of lingerie.  I, for one, fucking love it.

There’s something about a cock juxtaposed against satin or lace that highlights masculinity.  I love the sight of beautiful penii straining against the confines of inelastic satin or stretching silky lace.  I love the feel as I trace the outlines of an erection with my fingertips, slipping my hand between firm cock and soft panties.

So, yes.  I can’t speak for other women, but I love masculine men in panties.  Even more, I love masculine men in my panties.  Who else thinks so?  Let’s encourage our men to over-step boundaries and express themselves in our lingerie.

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  • I believe that was ATP — he copied me on that email 😉

    BTW, how’s tricks? (aside from the server/host stuff – ugh)

  • well…maybe. it might take some arm twisting though.

  • Finally got the bug fixed on this. *whew* Hey, SlipOfAGirl, SSS! I’m doing good, just working my butt off. Should be back to posting daily again, though. I need my outlet. ; )

  • Maybe it was me, but I think I asked if women feel as strongly about men in bras, as they do about men in panties? (well, the ones who love men in panties that is.).

  • We sure need more ladies like you 😛

    I missed your blogging… 🙂

  • I am a hetrosexual man and love wearing ladies lingerie I feel great in it and just wish we men could wear what ever we want just like woman do without being branded.

  • buckey4u United States Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0 wrote:

    hi i am buckey in wife started me in this day i still eare a full panty,they fit and feel day i have a very red panty on.i would love to all the ladies.i am a6ft redhead.panty love to

  • CockInPantie South Africa Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0 wrote:

    I am a married man and love wearing my wifes panties after she takes it off. I stay permanently aroused with my penis against the white spot where her pussy was. There is nothing so awesome as to walk around between my co-workers knowing they do not know I’m wearing panties. My wife knows I love smelling her panties, but she does’nt know I wear it as well.

  • I’d sure love to meet up with you mercy 🙂

  • There is nothing more sexier than a cock in pantyhose! It just turns me on soo much. Especially hot shemales or crossdressers! I love this post, and there need to be more women like you!

  • I love to wear womens panties and love the feeling of them up against my cock. I espacially love womens thongs. I like the slim feeling they give me. why cant people be more excepting.

  • I to am a plover of womens lingerie on my bod.
    It is the hottest feeling.
    i really enjoy masturbating in front of the mirror.

  • I’m a straight guy with a few girlfriends that like me wearing their panties. They leave them at my house all the time. I think they know that I wear them when they’re not there too.

  • I am a heterosexual man and I love panties. I love wearing them after I take them off of a woman. I love to feel the wetness of her pussy on her panties as I pull them up against my balls. I love the way the silk or sheerness of the fabric. I first wore a woman’s panties when a girlfriend left her panties in my beb. I found them at the bottom of the blankets one horny night and I could still smell her sweet pussy on the crotch. I was jacking off with them when I decided to put them on. About two minutes later my girlfriend walked in and saw me with a huge hardon and her panties. She liked it and after that everytime I was with a woman I couldn’t stop wanting to wear her panties. I love women who love men,ME, in panties and want to dress me up and have sex. My wife has since been buying me panties and recently she shaved my cock. If you are like me then you know what I feel. I LOVE WOMEN AND I LOVE PUSSY! MEN DON’T TURN ME ON! I have just found a very erotic way to have fun.

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