saintjoan: — margaret atwood, excerpt of circe/mud poems


— margaret atwood, excerpt of circe/mud poems

from Tumblr

I really want some lights like these.

I didn’t realize how difficult it was to capture light and color in a dark environment until I tried. Unless they were in the background, the colors were washed out and the objects I was trying to photograph were either too dark or too white. I got some beautiful bokeh, though. The original photo looks […]

Great balls of fire.

This was taken at the L. A. Zoo Lights show. They had these huge balls of lights all over the place. I didn’t think I’d be able to do them justice, but a close up shot worked out well. I think I’m finally coming along with my technique. From Instagram

Holiday lights at the zoo!

Tunnel of lights. There’s wine here. It’s the best kind of night. From Instagram.


I’ve been working on my arousal problem. I don’t have any problems with orgasms, it’s just feeling turned on. This might not seem like a huge deal, but I’m used to sensuality being part of every facet of my life. I was aroused by all manner of things: sounds—music and more: a bell tone, crystal […]


Again, I can’t believe I forgot that I have Instagram auto-posted here. Here’s some kind of antelope staring at me at the L. A. Zoo. I used to have an annual membership so I could practice my photography. But all the animals are disinterested and all the plants are tagged with graffiti. At least these […]

Once again

Hello, blog. It’s been a while. I’ve been keeping a private journal for a few months now, and I thought it was time to come back to blogging. I haven’t had much time or inclination to write these past few years, but I’ve found that it helps me hash things out. Blogging is a little […]

Found these cool dudes at the park.

I totally forgot that I set up IFTTT to autopost my Instagram photos. I took this at the midpoint of my run last week. I just thought it was cool. I’ve been running a few miles every day. It helps keep my mind from getting too frazzled, as it’s been wont to do lately. I’m […]

The Sexy, Proto-Feminist Art Of Christina Ramberg’s Tragically Short Life | ARTery

Two camps of interpretation have formed around Ramberg’s art, those who see this first decade of painting as erotic and those who interpret it through a feminist lens that sees Ramberg critiquing social rules and codes of female allure. Ramberg seems to have been interested in both. via WBUR’s ARTery Via.

Symphony in the Glen

Free concert in Griffith Park at the Old Zoo. That’s the backdrop for Shakespeare in the Park, I believe. I have more pictures on an SD card somewhere. I’ll dig it up and append them to this post later. Hopefully some of them are as good as it looked to the naked eye. It was […]